We like to share our sandbox with special friends. Each of our playmates provides a unique product or service that compliments our albums and our attitude. Plus, they share their toys and play well with others, important considerations for being a playmate.

Album Registry

Album registry is the World’s No.1 professional photography gift registry & a simple way for your family and friends to contribute to your special occasions.

Album Stomp

AlbumStomp makes design easy and fun. Drag a few images onto a page or spread and let our layout generator arrange the images for you.

Design Aglow

Design Aglow has been the premier online resource for information and products created to help professional photographers succeed.

Ernest Edits

Ernest Edits provides creative photographic editing services and workshops by award-winning photographer, Paul Ernest.

Fundy Software

Get up and running FAST with Fundy. You don't need Photoshop AND the latest version of the software contains Finao & Seldex album presets.

Happyfish Design

Album design & post-production services for pro photographers, one-on-one customer service, and over 45 years experience in photography & design.

Kobo Services

Specializing in album design, color correcting & RAW file conversion. All work is done to your specifications and guaranteed to your satisfaction.


Successful wedding photographers get burned out by their own success - color correcting all those files & designing. Get your life back with Lavalu.

Lush Albums

The vision of esteemed photographer Tamara Lackey, Lush albums are available exclusively through Fundy software and crafted by Finao.


Pixellu™ SmartAlbums® focuses on making albums as simple as possible. Pick your company & album size, and SmartAlbums figures out the rest.

A "no-fluff" educational hub that focuses on knowledge, insights & tools around the business of being a creative photographer.


Here's a few more people, places and things we like...


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