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We encourage the purchase of samples as there is no better way to present both your fine photography and beautiful finished album selections to prospective clients.

40% off the regular price - The discount is not meant for resale to clients.

Limit 3 samples per year across the ONE™ series & Boho albums (i.e. ONE™, artONE™, nextONE™, AND Boho). Additional samples are at the discretion of Finao Online, LLC.

NOTE: ALL sample orders are reviewed prior to processing and may be held if the sample limit has been exceeded. Please contact us with any questions about your sample allotment availability.

Albums must be different enough from each other to show the depth of the Finao ONE™/Boho lines you are offering. For example, an order for two 10x10s in Miami Ink would not be considered showing the depth of the line.

To ensure your discount is properly processed you MUST order via the sample order link. When you order through this link the price will be automatically figured using the appropriate discount. Sample discounts CAN NOT be given retroactively if ordered incorrectly.

THE BASIC OPTION - We recommend this sample to be a leather cover with a tooTone! accent design allowing you to show a nice leather option with a twist. We strongly suggest you also purchase our leather swatch kit so that you can have actual leather samples to show off as well.

THE UPGRADE OPTION - Pick your favorite specialty cover, ICE, Armour, Magical Mystery Glass, Erotika, etc. This shows how you can go beyond the basic into something really fabulous.

THE WOW FACTOR - Make it big! Go for one of our unique sizes like the 20x8 Flipbook or the massive 14x14. Guaranteed showstoppers.

All sample albums are marked STUDIO SAMPLE on the inside back cover. Sample albums ARE NOT for resale to customers.

Yes, playPALS™ are available with the purchase of any Finao ONE™ or artONE™ album for a 25% discount (Limit 1). Not available with nextONE™ or Boho samples.

* All sample discount offers are subject to change or discontinuation without notice. *