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Seize the opportunity for referrals by including your branding inside the cover with a custom studio die from your logo (recommended) or your business name in typeset lettering. Nothing beats a finished, professional presentation with the power to generate new business.

Studio Die imprinting is available on nearly all Finao products. Order now via the link below or visit the Finao Studio Die page for instructions on how to set up your studio die. Studio imprinting is discounted when using a die instead of type. See pricing.

We can also do typeset imprinting from a limited selection of fonts. We utilize the same fonts for both cover and studio imprinting.

  • Coronation 24 pt. 36 pt.
  • Fournier 18 pt. 24 pt.
  • Goudy Cursive 36 pt.
  • Modern 30 pt. 48 pt.
  • Pascal 36 pt.
  • Choice of color foils or blind


If you have not previously created a studio die with Finao, you will want to create your studio die design and submit it BEFORE adding any other items to your shopping cart. This will activate the "imprint with studio die" option in a product's order form. Once you have ordered a studio die once, the option to "imprint with studio die" will become available for each additional order after that.

YES, you will. These are two separate companies operating on opposite sides of the globe. One die would be housed with Finao for use on Finao products, and the other would be housed at Seldex for use with Seldex products.

YES. Please be aware that the maximum width for a Tag Along Tote die is 3 inches, so make sure to adjust your design accordingly.

YES. Typeset studio imprinting is limited to 35 characters per line. Maximum 1 line.

NO. Not all fonts will fit or look as intended on all album sizes. Please select your font carefully keeping the album size and imprint placement in mind.

YES. If you want to use a special, non-alphabetical character, contact us to check on its availability BEFORE you place your order, or delays can occur.