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Yes, Finao makes plain albums. We even make plain albums in basic colors. So don't hesitate, if your clients just want a simple album in a single color, we can do that. Most all of our leathers are priced the same so you can select a non-textured black or a wildly embossed red. Both are the same price and it's just a matter of choosing what's right for each client.

Cover Imprinting

Our cover imprinting is limited and based on cover material choice.

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Ribbon Tie

Add that finishing touch with a ribbon tie. Available in black or white.

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Photo Wrap & Panel

7x10|8x10 ONLY - Photo-paper covers that are laminated for lasting protection.

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7x10|8x10 ONLY - Mix any two materials for a personalized creation.

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Cut-outs & Indents

7x10|8x10 ONLY - Two simple image options for dressing up a standard cover.

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